Friday, November 1, 2013

Loon Watch's Ilisha Recommends American Saudi Blogger Who Claims Netanyahu and Obama Orchestrated Terror Attacks to Blame Islam

In a comment to a reader Loon Watch recommends:

A little digging reveals this married mother, to be a somewhat bitter virulently Anti-Israel conspiracy theorist who blogs under the name of AJ. A daughter of a Pakistani Brigadier General, she is an engineer who settled in Charlottsville gained USA citizenship then moved to Saudi Arabia. Apparently she left the USA because of 'Islamophobia' and now thinks America has a lot to learn from Saudi Arabia. AJ's blog 'Musings of a Muslim' is a diary of life as an expatriate in Saudi Arabia, but it is her views relating to Islamic terrorism below which provide valuable insight into the type of people Loon Watch regard as allies.

Here is AJ in her own words.

First some advice for America :
America may learn a lesson or two from Saudi Arabia
America, UK and many other “Christian” nations have become a place of hatred. If any Muslim kills; whatever his reason may be, he is a terrorist and represents the entire Islamic community. Every Muslim has to stand up and condemn his crime or otherwise he is complicit in the criminal actions of that criminal.

Are there none of the Christians or Hindus that commit a crime in the Kingdom? Of course they do. But the Kingdom doesn’t vilify the whole Christian sect for the actions of one or for the actions of the terrorizers in the US military. They do not have federally funded bureaus conducting sting operations for the purpose of political stunts.

No surprise that Netanyahu/Mossad have a central role in her New World Order conspiracies:
The Libyan Tragedy; Another False Flag Operation by Israel?
I hope FBI, CIA and Obama investigates this embassy bombing but I am absolutely certain that Netanyahu and Mossad are behind this because they are getting really desperate. Netanyahu has been begging Obama since the past year to attack Iran. Obama just snubbed him and refused to meet him. Netanyahu has forced his politics into Canada as well; Canada has closed down their

embassies with Iran under Israeli pressure.

Possible that Israel/owner attacked Nairobi Mall for insurance payout : 

The Israeli Connection to Nairobi Shootings
Something has started to appear very fishy here. Is the Westgate mall going to be blown down (part of it blown already), a big sum collected from insurance, a new sky scraper built in place of it? Something reminds me of Larry Silverstein, big insurance pay checks and Islam blamed for all the carnage that made someone very wealthy.

UK and US friends of Israeli 'settlements' staged the Woolwich attack:
Woolwich London Killing: Terrorism or False Flag?
So the Israeli settlement sympathizers in USA and UK, what next? How far are you going to go to divert attention from your thief friend in Israel, BIBI, busy stealing land before Kerry kicks his behind? Your staging means nothing. Israel will have to come back to the 1967 borders insha’Allah and your antics will never be able to achieve anything. Enjoy this time while you have it. ~AJ
Navy Seals with backpacks prove that Obama planned Boston Bombings:
What were those Navy Seals with backpacks doing at the Boston Marathon Bombing?
My next big question to you, Obama, is?

Who are you planning to attack next?

AJ claims to hold three degrees including a PhD. Perhaps she would have been better served if she had endeavoured to grasp the very minimum basics in rational thinking. Her bile filled rantings, Anti-Israel conspiracies border on lunacy sometimes and whilst perusing her blog one is reminded of some not uncommon parallels with Afia Sidiqi

Interestingly, Richard Silverstein the controversial blogger who objects to being labelled either 'Anti-Israel' or 'Anti-Zionist' displays both AJ's blog 'Musings of a Muslim' and 'Loon Watch'  on his website Tikkun Olam.

Internations Listing

AJ also has a listing on Internations along with a picture here. It appears that Internations is a central reference place for expatriate bloggers to share information. Their terms of service for members clearly prohibit:

  • b) contents which are insulting or defamatory, regardless of whether said contents are directed at InterNations personnel, other companies, or another user;

  • c) contents and actions violating criminal law, promoting anti-constitutional organizations or displaying the insignia of such organizations; contents glorifying violence; racist, pornographic, sexist contents; contents harmful to young persons; contents trafficking in narcotics, inciting or downplaying the consumption of narcotics, inciting criminal offenses, gambling, insult or slander, defamation, etc.;

I would imagine that AJ's writings blaming Netanyahu, Obama, Mossad, The Navy Seals, M15, and a whole host of bogeymen for orchestrating terror attacks around the world to blame Islam amounts to insults, defamation and slander and a violation of the terms of service.

Update: Internations no longer recommends AJ's blog  Musings of a Muslim.  It appears AJ's memberships has been cancelled.

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