Thursday, July 10, 2014

Loon Watch propagates lies claiming that a Daily Mail reporter posted a jihad call on Ummah Com

Loon Watch's sensational headline; Did Daily Mail incite ‘war against the corrupt west’?  turns out be another lie. Or is it a collusion with Ummah .com, a notorious Islamist forum?

A post by 'Emperor' - a regular copy and paste artist like Ilisha and Garibaldi (assuming they are not all the same person) -  laments the victimisation of Muslims by the bad 'corrupt' West. It details how a supposed comment inciting for jihad was posted at Ummah .com and traced by the same to the Daily Mail.  This was picked up and sensationalised by the Morning Star,  a 'reader-owned co-operative'.  The writers who 'co-operate' here could have spared themselves some embarrasment had they bothered to make a simple phone call to the Daily Mail to verify the authenticity of the Ummah .com claim.

The hypocricy of these Islamists is galling. They choose to live in the 'corrupt west' when they could just as easily return to or emigrate to the Muslim countries they claim to defend and help lift these same countries out of their squalor, poverty and extremism. Why is Emperor living in the USA? Shouldn't Ilisha and Garibaldi move to Somalia and help rebuild that ravaged country? Why do they not preach the kind of Islam that they fabricate at Loon Watch to Islamists in Syria, Sudan, Iran, Yemen, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar,  Afghanistan, Pakistan or any of the other 50+ OIC Muslim nations?  Since Muslim commenters at Loon Watch and Ummah .com have called for the Caliphate to be re-installed, why do these same commenters not renounce their western citizenship then emigrate to Syria instead of living in the 'corrupt' West? Why not move to Iraq and help rebuild the Caliphate? Surely, they ought to be helping their needy bretheren? Pure hypocricy.

Returning to the subject, an ugly media furore followed the Ummah .com initiated claims. There were faithfully parroted in the 'islamophobia' blogs like Loon Watch.  Soon though, the Daily Mail was to confirm that the message had not originated from their offices. Whomever was behind this incident had obviously hoped to discredit a Jewish news editor and the Daily Mail. The editor of the Jewish News - and the target of the hoax - clarified the situation later in The Independent: Richard Ferrer: The truth about my 'attempt to entrap Muslims'. Ferrer concluded:

My best guess is the author was keen to kill two birds with one stone by publicly defaming a Jewish journalist and the Daily Mail in one fell swoop. It was almost Mission Accomplished.

The Jewish Chronicle had a follow up: 'Zionist' editor accused of inciting jihad. Apparently, the post had been miraculously traced to a computer at the Daily Mail registered to Mr Ferrer. As a result, Ferrer was called a 'slimy Jew' and forced to suffer a torrent of abuse on Twitter.

In retrospect, there remains the possibility that Ummah .com may have been behind the 'scoop' all along.  Or they may well have been hoodwinked. Either way, they have been left with egg on their faces. The culprit was almost certainly an Islamist.  Ummah .com have now taken down the web page from which which the discussion originated. But, a cached google copy is still viewable: "pledging allegiance to the caliphate".

Tellingly, Loon Watch have not retracted or informed their readers of the truth. But then again, why would they? This is the kind of pathetic hoax that Loon Watch attempted to pull off when they falsely claimed that a Zionist Muslim Sheikh had converted to Hinduism and was active in promoting 'islamophobia'. Meanwhile,   it is amusing watching the thuggish braying in the Loon Watch comments; accusations of 'black ops' at the Daily Mail and calls for the police to act on the call to incitement which turned out to be false.

Incidentally, that final suggestion is quite sensible. Not only should the police, but the FBI and the security services ought to closely monitor both Ummah .com and Loon Watch for incitement.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Yanky Daskal Denies Claims that Shomrim Expressed Anti Muslim Slurs Against Alleged Sex Pervert David Flores

The  Hasidic Jewish Patrol: ‘Kill him, he’s a f–king Muslim!’ report presented by Loon Watch was a hastily 'islamopobised' copy and paste of this account: “Kill him, he’s a f–king Muslim! . David Flores who already has a long criminal record - a rap sheet that includes attempted burgulary and  assault - claimed he was a victim of a religious attack and pulled out a gun in self defense when a 'Hasidic mob' surrounded his car.

These claims are lies according to Shomrim coordinator Yanky Daskal. Speaking to he said David Flores had been reported to the police by them because he was exposing himself and masturbating in front of children. He had left by the time the police arrived but he was back a week later. The Shomrim again called the police again and followed his car. Yanky Daskal claims that Flores was lying when he stated that they had expressed any racial or religious bigotry.
Brooklyn, NY - Shomrim: NY Post Account of 2010 Members Shooting Riddled with Lies

While the Post article quotes Flores as saying that Shomrim members mistook him for a Muslim because of his small woven cap and hurled racial epithets during the incident, Daskal categorized that statement as an outright lie.

“No one shouted any slurs,” said Daskal.

Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind has expressed disappointment at this verdict and Efraim Greenberg has a revealing take :

NY Post’s War Against Shomrim

The New York Post is out today with another hate piece this time by Josh Saul whose primary job seems to be to trash the Orthodox Jewish Community. Saul took the words of – by the Posts’ own account – a career criminal with a long rap sheet that ”includes 20 collars for everything from burglary to assault”, and reported it on face value against the words of four honorable volunteers that give away their time every day of the week, to protect the community they live in.

Multiple eye witnesses claimed to have seen David Flores repeatedly exposing himself and conducting lewd acts in the public view of young children who were playing outside their houses. In Court however the Jury did not find him guilty of this and most other serious charges because witnesses from within the Jewish Community didn’t testify out of fear of retribution from this career criminal.
Now, does any human being think that a criminal with a rap sheet like Mr. Flores will not concoct stories to deflect blame from himself? Why would a propagandist take an interview and report it as fact? Simple. The NYP has an agenda of blatantly spreading hatred against orthodox Jews. When was the last time a violent Jew-on-Muslim crime took place in NYC? It’s rare-to-non existent but the NY Post went with it anyway.
It appears that the NYP has a bias against Orthodox religious community:
Similarly, the NYP ran an anti-Shomrin op-ed in July 2011 making similar claims about the Kletzky story and argued that the NYC Council should cut funding from Shomrim. In August of 2011, the “NY Post Staff” ran their own opinion piece pushing these outrageous claims and again arguing its “time to defund the Shomrim.” Whether it’s a columnist, op-ed or the paper’s own content, the New York Post is there to run it if it’s to bash Shomrim.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sheikh Palazzi: I Did Not Convert to Hinduism. Did Loon Watch Create Fake Facebook Page to Orchestrate Smear Campaign Against Zionist Muslim Sheikh?

Before I get to the point of this post, some contextual background is necessary to help peel through the layers of deceptive neutrality that Loon Watch wraps itself in. This enables a better understanding of the motivating factors which may not be immediately apparent to the casual observer.

That Loon Watch writers are rabidly anti Israel and their website attracts an Anti-Semitic, Anti-West and Islamist readership is no secret. The site links to Ali Abunimah whom even MJ Rosenberg has described as an anti-semite who seeks the end of Israel by but pretends otherwise:
And, yes, using Ali’s definition, I am a Zionist. I support the existence of a sovereign secure State of Israel living side by side with a sovereign secure State of Palestine. The borders of both would be the ’67 lines with internationally enforced security arrangements to protect both states and both peoples.

This sets the tone for their political beliefs regarding Israel. Unlike the liberals that they desperately try to court they do not support the two state solution.

Try as they may to hide their Islamist agenda the mask often slips revealing their true ugly bigoted colours. Comments at Loon Watch are approved and long term commenters are invariably anti-West, anti-Israel, anti-Christian and anti-Hindu, the order of precedence, type and depth of hate depends on the national allegiance of the particular member. It is not altogether difficult to discern the background of Loon Watch writers or members; their favourite Muslim conspiracy is a dead giveaway.   I have already written about a Pakistani American conspiracist that Ilisha recommends as a good source for Saudi Arabia. This particular nutroot who commented at Loon Watch under the moniker 'AJ' claims that Obama, Netanyahu and M15 are orchestrating terrorist bombings around the world to blame Muslims.  Pakistans arch enemy is India, and India enjoys a close relationship with Israel which is probably one of the main reasons why anti-semitism is rife amongst Pakistani communities. Pakistani media is full of Hindu-Crusader-Zionist Axis conspiracies: Mumbai massacre. Certainly Loon Watch has many commenters and probably writers of Pakistani background.

Loon Watch also have an agenda to link 'Islamophobia' with Zionism. However, their simultaneous need to court liberal and Jewish groups to bolster their credibility presents a dilemma for which they are forced to put on air of feigned liberalism and tolerance, which necessitates that they must obfuscate their Islamist credentials if they want to become another SPLC type hate fighting group. SPLC and other similar hate fighting groups do not have a political agenda. They fight hate, not claim to fight hate whilst promoting a political agenda like Loon Watch do. Loon Watch claim to fight 'Islamophobia' but their real mission is to delegitmise Israel and Zionism by attempting to link Zionism with 'Islamophobia'. It is clear from their commenters that they neither support nor share Western liberal ideals promoted by the SPLC type groups which Loon Watch also link to in an attempt to appear like a group fighting hate. And so, Loon Watch get around this dilemma by claiming to be a 'multi-faith' community which relieves them of duty of telling their readers their own religious beliefs whilst delegating the dirty work to their commenters whom they can conveniently distance themselves from as and when necessary but who are the bedrock of their support. 

Why does Loon Watch need to engage in all this chicanery and subterfuge?

Perhaps some clues could be discerned in MJ Rosenberg's words when he parted ways with Loon Watch pet Ali Abunimah by exposing him as an anti-semite who hopes using the word 'Zionist' with 'Jew' will give him a free pass:
I am not unaware that my labelling Abunimah as such makes him less influential. That is my intention.

Or maybe they could be taking a leaf out of Lord Ahmed's book who was forced to resign from the Labour Party after the Times obtained a video of him in his native Pakistan where he thought he could safely dispense with politically correct 'Zionism' and vocalise Jewish conspiracies. Recall that Lord Ahmed was part of a 'multi faith' group that was supposed to promote interfaith harmony until his duplicity was revealed.

One has to wonder if the MSM journalists whose work Loon Watch copy and paste were aware of the Loon Watch Indiegogo crowdsourced funding campaign which netted them an $8,000 bonanza, since much of the material at Loon Watch is merely copying and pasting other peoples work. This is ironic because Loon Watch like to propagate that 'islamophobes' are well funded but at least these so called 'islamophobes' write original material in their real names and are public personalities. The few pieces of orignial material Loon Watch have produced are usually ad hominen attacks on Robert Spencer. The recent smear conspiracy manufactured around a Zionist Imam which is the subject of this post is certainly an original piece of work. What this shows is that Loon Watch are not above raising funds on the backs of other journalists who most probably are not aware of their insiduous agenda!

This then is the framework of the context for the rest of this post and to understand why Loon Watch orchestrated a year long smear campaign against an Israel friendly prominent Muslim: Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi of the Istituto Culturale della Comunità Islamica Italiana (Cultural Institute of the Italian Islamic Community) by fabricating spiteful malicious lies and then encouraging their readers and members to make it go viral.

Yesterday, Ilisha at Loon Watch wrote 'The Curious Case of “Sheikh” Abdul Palazzi: The Muslim Zionist Hindu Islamophobe' beginning with:
Last November, we posted what turned out to be a very popular article about Abdul Hadi Palazzi’s apparent conversion to Hinduism. 
Actually, the 'article' that Garibaldi (Loon Watch editor) and Ilisha cobbled together had no proof that Palazzi had converted to Hinduism. All they offered was an obscure anonymous Italian language website and a Facebook page: Shankar Nath Baba.  The same Facebook page that they now claim prove his 'Islamophobia':
For years he enjoyed notoriety for his novel stance on Zionism. Palazzi claimed to be a Muslim and an Islamic scholar. He was also an ardent supporter of Greater Israel and he claimed the Quran granted Jewish sovereignty over the Holy Land. Allah, according to Abdul Hadi Palazzi, is a Zionist.
Since Islam has no central Pope authority and Sheikh Palazzi's interpretation is just as valid as any other, it would have been interesting to see how Loon Watch would have refuted his words. The Quran was Sheikh Palazzi's source and perhaps Ilisha ought to have focused on those verses instead of engaging in ad hominem attacks.  But no, Ilisha did not clarify why she thought Sheikh Palazzi was a 'charlatan' as she calls him. To do that she would need to show the Quranic interpretations which state that Israel has no right to exist at all which Loon Watch avoids doing when it would show the unsavoury supremacist version of Islam they pretend does not exist.  For the record, Sheikh Palazzi is an opponent of radical Islam saying that he debated "for decades on the subjects of terrorism" with Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradawi on the subject of suicide bombings and terrorism.

One would expect that Loon Watch who are obsessed with Robert Spencer for what they claim are his 'anti Islam polemics' warning all and sundry to steer clear of them, would at least practice what they preach. But no! Ilisha is opportunistic enough to use his writings and happily distort the meanings of his words when she thinks it may suit the Loon Watch agenda:
Interestingly, even one of the most notorious anti-Muslim bigots, Robert Spencer, balked at the absurd claims of Palazzi and two of his fellow travelers:
Aside from the hypocricy of using Spencer when Loon Watch spend an inordinate amount of time trying desperately to prove that he is an 'islamophobe' and has no credibility when it comes to writing about Islam, this is actually not what Robert Spencer meant. There Spencer was ridiculing Palazzi because Spencer's own views are shaped by the likes of Yassir Al Burhami as he elaborates here: 
In December 2011, Yassir Al-Burhami, a leader of the Salafists, an Egyptian movement of rigorist Muslims, reiterated some of the classic Islamic laws regarding the dhimmis: “Appointing infidels to positions of authority over Muslims is prohibited. Allah said: ‘Never will Allah grant the infidels a way [to triumph] over the Believers’” (Qur’an 4:141). He also declared that the Muslims of Egypt should begin again to collect the jizya from the Christians.

Al-Burhami also cited Muhammad’s precedents as a guide to Muslims living in countries in which they were still minorities: “The Muslims can implement any form of conduct used by the Prophet Muhammad. When the Prophet Muhammad was still in Mecca, he dealt with the infidels in a certain way, and when the Muslims are weak, they should deal with the infidels this way. ‘Refrain from action, pray, and pay the zakkat.’ In many infidel countries, such as occupied Palestine, we instruct Muslims to do just that. We are not telling the Muslims in Gaza to launch rockets every day, which would lead to the destruction of the entire country. We tell them to adhere to the truce. When the Prophet Muhammad first arrived in Al-Medina, he signed a treaty with the Jews without forcing them to pay the jizya poll tax. This was necessary at the time, but when they breached the treaty, he fought them, and eventually, he imposed the jizya upon the People of the Book…. The Christians [of Egypt] can be dealt with like the Jews of Al-Medina. This is possible.”25

Ilishsa further misrepresents Spencer's views:

Yes, it seems out of all the scholars in the world, only a handful have “interpreted” the Qur’an as a real estate guide.

This is a bold faced lie. The Quran has been interpreted as a 'real estate guide'  since the dawn of Islam by Muslims themselves. What were the Caliphate dhimmi rules based on if the Quran wasn't interpreted as a 'real estate guide' where only Muslims could hold sovereignty to land and all others subjugated to dhimmi status? The 14 century ban on non Muslims from entering Mecca and Medina? The religious reasons that Osama Bin Laden used to launch a jihad against the West? These are not extremist fringe views confined to Al Qaeda as apologists will claim, they were practiced by Islam's Prophet, by the Caliphs and has religious endorsements from the hightest luminaries in the Islamic world. Not content with merely using Spencers words Ilisha then goes on to distort the meaning and context to infer something that he neither said nor believes in. If anything, Robert Spencer was saying that the Quran is a 'real estate guide' for Muslims only. Unwittingly, clearly Ilisha demonstates that Loon Watch's real reason for demonising Robert Spencer is because he tells the truth.

Ilisha gleefully continues:
He also seems to hate Islam and Muslims. He now openly denigrates the faith he once claimed as his own.

The second smear piece that Ilisha published uses the same Shankar Nath Baba as proof of Sheikh Palazzi's 'Islamophobia' that was cited when Loon Watch first claimed that he had left Islam for Hinduism. Except that now, almost a year later Ilisha also cited crude anti Islam and anti Pakistan bigotry from this same Facebook page, and indeed a cursory glance at the page shows all that she claims. However, any intelligent person would pause and question why this page with the name 'Shankar Nath Baba' was even assumed to be of Sheikh Palazzi. One gets the distinct impression that this may be impersonator determined to portray Sheikh Palazzi, Israel and India in a bad light. Since Loon Watch claim that they 'meticulously vet' their sources and go to great lengths to prove that 'Islamophobes' use doctored pictures and manufactured propaganda from social media, one would expect them to shun social meda as proof of anything. What they cite can hardly be called conclusive evidence. They could have contacted Sheikh Palazzi as any responsible writer/blogger would have done to verify their claims if their intention had been fair and balanced reporting. After all they hold 'Islamophobes' to those standards why should anyone else expect less from them? But clearly that was not the intention.

Upon further digging I discovered that there were no independent sources that verified their claims. All sources on the Islamist underworld blogosphere led to Loon Watch as the source.  If indeed he had converted there would have been some independent media publicity. Sheikh Palazzi’s Wikipedia entry has no reference to his conversion to Hinduism. Nevertheless, Wikipedia which anyone can edit cannot be relied upon for accuracy. Could these rumours be false? Was the Facebook page fake? If yes, then who would go to the trouble of updating a Facebook page for so long? Obviously anyone with the means to propagandise it would be a good candidate. By now, the sneaking suspicion that Loon Watch may have knowingly fabricated these claims lingered in my mind. Or perhaps it was one of their regular Pro Pakistan, Anti Israel commenters? Certainly a number of them can be seen salivating and expressing glee in the comments below Ilisha's smear piece.

I decided to get to the bottom of this mystery by contacting the only person who could shed light on this. Sheikh Palazzi is a public figure and his contact details are freely available on the internet.  I managed to reach Sheikh Palazzi in Rome on the telephone, and in softly spoken Italian accented English he tore apart Ilisha’s claims as being utterly fictitous. Loon Watch’s first article had been libelleous and indeed had gone viral as Ilisha had gloated, but it had no substance whatsoever. With permission I will reproduce some relevant and condensed parts of our conversation:

Question: Have you converted to Hinduism?

Sheikh Palazzi: No. I am a Muslim. I engage in interfaith engagements too.  I did not convert to Hinduism but I have been to India to study under a guru as part of an interfaith programme. This is a common practice for Sufi Muslims such as myself. There I met people of all background who were there to learn yoga and meditation.   I made friends there and exchanged pictures some of which were obviously used on blogs. It appears that some of those pictures were used with malicious intent and used to claim that I had now converted to Hindusim. It is sad that some of my enemies have chosen to smear me using pictures to misrepresent my views and to claim that I had left Islam.  It is not possible to convert to Hinduism anyway.

Question: Can you shed some light on your 'Shankar Nath Baba' page?

Sheikh Palazzi: That is not my page. I don't use Facebook. I closed my Facebook account some years ago.

Question: What about your own website? 

Sheikh Palazzi: My own website is offline because I am now retired, and the costs for running the websites were prohibitive. I am in the process of looking for alternative web space to upload my content. In the meantime I have published works at Front Page Mag and other online publications. 

Question: Have you been active in any functions since Loon Watch's first claim (late 2012) that you converted to Hinduism  ?

Sheikh Palazzi: I have attended two engagements in my role as Sheikh. One (which can be viewed on Youtube here) was at a conference in Moscow in mid 2013. The other function was the 2013 Yom Yerushaleim celebrations at Edgware Synagogue in London. Celebrations included the showing of a new documentary about Jerusalem made by Aumie and Michael Shapiro of the Springboard Trust in which Sir Martin Gilbert also featured.

Question: Do you have any upcoming projects or future plans to share?

Sheikh Palazzi: I will continue to engage in interfaith helping promote harmony between Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and I will continue to support Israel and speak out against radical Islam. Radical Islam is heavily funded in Italy and people are often powerless to speak out.

Therefore Ilisha's claim that Sheikh Palazzi 'moves between two identities' is as false as the Facebook page Loon Watch based their smear campaign on. After Ilisha published her smear piece Loon Watch's editor Garibaldi is seen crowing in the comments section:

The reference to 'HP' is Harry's Place.   Garibaldi may have failed in his mission to convince  the Hurry Up Harry 'goons' but there is no doubt that  'charlatan' aptly describes both him and Ilisha. These charlatans proved that Loon Watch employ the exact same unsavoury tactics in promoting bigotry that they claim 'Islamophobes' do.

In conclusion the inevitable question is; Who created the Shankar Nath Baba used to libel and slander Sheikh Palazzi?

Update: Loon Watch's crucial-to-this-saga 'source' the Shankar Nath Baba Facebook Page is currently unavailable.