Thursday, July 10, 2014

Loon Watch propagates lies claiming that a Daily Mail reporter posted a jihad call on Ummah Com

Loon Watch's sensational headline; Did Daily Mail incite ‘war against the corrupt west’?  turns out be another lie. Or is it a collusion with Ummah .com, a notorious Islamist forum?

A post by 'Emperor' - a regular copy and paste artist like Ilisha and Garibaldi (assuming they are not all the same person) -  laments the victimisation of Muslims by the bad 'corrupt' West. It details how a supposed comment inciting for jihad was posted at Ummah .com and traced by the same to the Daily Mail.  This was picked up and sensationalised by the Morning Star,  a 'reader-owned co-operative'.  The writers who 'co-operate' here could have spared themselves some embarrasment had they bothered to make a simple phone call to the Daily Mail to verify the authenticity of the Ummah .com claim.

The hypocricy of these Islamists is galling. They choose to live in the 'corrupt west' when they could just as easily return to or emigrate to the Muslim countries they claim to defend and help lift these same countries out of their squalor, poverty and extremism. Why is Emperor living in the USA? Shouldn't Ilisha and Garibaldi move to Somalia and help rebuild that ravaged country? Why do they not preach the kind of Islam that they fabricate at Loon Watch to Islamists in Syria, Sudan, Iran, Yemen, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar,  Afghanistan, Pakistan or any of the other 50+ OIC Muslim nations?  Since Muslim commenters at Loon Watch and Ummah .com have called for the Caliphate to be re-installed, why do these same commenters not renounce their western citizenship then emigrate to Syria instead of living in the 'corrupt' West? Why not move to Iraq and help rebuild the Caliphate? Surely, they ought to be helping their needy bretheren? Pure hypocricy.

Returning to the subject, an ugly media furore followed the Ummah .com initiated claims. There were faithfully parroted in the 'islamophobia' blogs like Loon Watch.  Soon though, the Daily Mail was to confirm that the message had not originated from their offices. Whomever was behind this incident had obviously hoped to discredit a Jewish news editor and the Daily Mail. The editor of the Jewish News - and the target of the hoax - clarified the situation later in The Independent: Richard Ferrer: The truth about my 'attempt to entrap Muslims'. Ferrer concluded:

My best guess is the author was keen to kill two birds with one stone by publicly defaming a Jewish journalist and the Daily Mail in one fell swoop. It was almost Mission Accomplished.

The Jewish Chronicle had a follow up: 'Zionist' editor accused of inciting jihad. Apparently, the post had been miraculously traced to a computer at the Daily Mail registered to Mr Ferrer. As a result, Ferrer was called a 'slimy Jew' and forced to suffer a torrent of abuse on Twitter.

In retrospect, there remains the possibility that Ummah .com may have been behind the 'scoop' all along.  Or they may well have been hoodwinked. Either way, they have been left with egg on their faces. The culprit was almost certainly an Islamist.  Ummah .com have now taken down the web page from which which the discussion originated. But, a cached google copy is still viewable: "pledging allegiance to the caliphate".

Tellingly, Loon Watch have not retracted or informed their readers of the truth. But then again, why would they? This is the kind of pathetic hoax that Loon Watch attempted to pull off when they falsely claimed that a Zionist Muslim Sheikh had converted to Hinduism and was active in promoting 'islamophobia'. Meanwhile,   it is amusing watching the thuggish braying in the Loon Watch comments; accusations of 'black ops' at the Daily Mail and calls for the police to act on the call to incitement which turned out to be false.

Incidentally, that final suggestion is quite sensible. Not only should the police, but the FBI and the security services ought to closely monitor both Ummah .com and Loon Watch for incitement.